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Well, it’s official…

I realize that after starting my Daily Doodle concept, I dropped off the face of the Earth after three. Oops. Blame it on friendly distractions that come along with weekends, or just being a senior. Either way, please accept my humble apologies, my dear reader. And sleep soundly knowing that I will do my best […]

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Second Doodle

I know it’s after midnight, but I haven’t slept yet so this still counts, right? Today’s doodle is a shout out to my buddy Ben, who stole me away to go get Sonic. I’m a firm believer that a milkshake can make any situation better. Read More » » »

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Daily Doodle, the first!

So I’ve decided to try something new. Each day I will sit down for five minutes and make a quick sketch of something that happened that day, something that’s on my mind, or maybe something completely random. If you guys like them I’ll keep posting them! Today’s doodle was inspired by Matt as we talked […]

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