Jun 2014
Annemarie Weiner

That’s sh*t, Creigh.

Because I’m sure you’ve all had peachy weeks so far without a trouble in the world, allow me to share my latest frustration with you.For those of you not in Omaha, there’s this thing called the College World Series going on. It’s pretty neat, for the most part. But for Omaha locals who live anywhere near downtown, it becomes a nearly two-week-long nightmare of scarce parking, compounded by drivers who aren’t accustomed to the maze of one way streets and strange intersections.

This problem hits close to home for Creighton students who are used to parking pretty much wherever on campus during the summer. Suddenly the east end of campus, where the upperclassmen apartments are located, is all but off limits. That is, unless you’re willing to pay $10/day for a spot you’ve already paid $300+ for. No? I didn’t think so.

Since I work downtown, I park as far east on campus as possible to avoid feeding a meter on the street every day. Well, the other day as I was walking back from work, a lady monitoring the lot I was parked in kindly (sarcasm alert) informed me that I wouldn’t be able to park there since they sold those spots to the CWS crowd. I grudgingly asked her where I could park and she pointed to the next lot over. Fine, I thought, it’s only a few more days.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I get back to my car after work to find a ticket from public safety for being parked in the wrong lot. Lovely. Luckily the man working in the office when I went to inquire (argue) my ticket waved it for me. But the issue still stands. Creighton is selling itself to a temporary CWS audience when there are students who have already paid good money to park on campus. These lots haven’t been full once when I’ve come to or left campus for the day, so why ban people with permits? I’d even be ok with a first come, first served basis. I’m there pretty early.

I can understand wanting to capitalize on the situation, but don’t let it impact your students. If I’m way off base, feel free to let me know, but I think (hope) most would agree with me. Let me know: @anneCockyWeiner