Jun 2014
Annemarie Weiner

I’m already an old cat lady.

Well folks, it appears the “real world” has taken its toll on me already.

Last Sunday night I had a disturbing moment of clarity when I realized that not only had I hardly left the house all weekend, but that the most exciting thing I had done was play with my roommate’s cat. It was about 10:30pm and the conversation went something like this:

Me: “You know, I’m getting kind of hungry again…”
My roommate: “That’s because you ate dinner at five and now you’re up past your bedtime.”
Me: “You make me sound like an old lady.”
Roommate: “Well, you’ve been sitting on the couch reading for the past few hours and we did spend about an hour trying to bait Harry (our cat) out from under my bed to take a picture of him.”
Me: “Oh god I’m my grandmother.”
Roommate: “Yeah, we need to go out next weekend.”

And that got me thinking. It really is amazing how quickly we can settle into some safe, often boring, routine when we don’t have any other obligations. But we can’t let the summer make us lazy. So I challenge you, and myself, to accomplish something you didn’t expect to this weekend. Start a project and finish it. Whether it helps to better society, a friend, or even just a messy room, do it. Because twenty two is too young to become a crazy old cat lady.

FYI, I plan on spending my free time creating a flowchart to help you decide whether you should be wearing pants or not. Check back for it soon!

And let me know what you did @annecockyweiner