May 2014
Annemarie Weiner

As promised: a sappy graduation post

As my fellow Hitchcock Blogger, Kass, would say, it’s been a large week. Last Monday feels like a month ago and it still amazes me to think of everything that’s happened. I’ve been drained both physically and emotionally. But in a way I feel rejuvenated and excited (if not a little nervous) as well.

Graduating from Creighton marks the end of a chapter in an unfinished book. It still feels surreal to think of myself a college graduate. An alumnus. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be in denial until August rolls around and I don’t have any classes to go to. Luckily I have some wonderful friends staying in the area, but it kills me to say goodbye to others as they are led elsewhere in life. And as much as I hate getting emotional, I realize that the sadness that comes with the “goodbyes” and “see you laters” is really a blessing, because I’ve grown so close to and fond of these dear friends.

Reflecting back on the past for years, I’m amazed at just how many people have impacted my life. If there’s any credit to be had in my graduating college, it all goes to them. The reality is that I would have never accomplished what I have without the endless support I’ve received from my parents, other family members, friends, and mentors. Their help and encouragement has given me the strength and confidence to face the world head on and chase after my dreams, because I know that even though I might trip and stumble (both figuratively and literally) along the way, they’ll be there to help me up.

In truth, my experiences this past week can be summed up in two words: thank you. Thank you to my parents for making an excellent college education possible for me and being there for me every step of the way. Thank you to my brother who liked Creighton before I did. Thank you to my aunt who became a second mother to me. Thank you to my friends who supported me when things got tough and celebrated with me when they were looking up. From the bottom of my heart, with all of my heart, thank you.