May 2014
Annemarie Weiner

It’s the final (final) freakout

Cue the 80’s hairband. No seriously, listen to this song right now and improvise your own lyrics about your final countdown/freakout. It’ll make your day better for at least five minutes.

Personally, I’ve found this week to be one of extremes, largely due to my computer programming-induced mood swings. It started this past weekend with stress over final projects and larger life events that will basically all be taking place in the next week or so. But now that I’m looking at the tail end of my final finals week, I find myself overcome with an incredible sense of calm. In about an hour I will sit through my last critique, and with that complete my career as a student.

It’s a weird feeling, really. I find myself getting sentimental over stupid things like going to my last class or my last student mass at St. Johns. But I’ve decided that instead of spending time being sad, I’d rather enjoy every last moment that I have here with the friends I’ve grown so close to over the past four years. Sure, I’ll probably write some sappy, sentimental post about how much I’m going to miss everything and everyone. But that can wait.

So to my fellow seniors, here’s to making it count! And to my younger friends, if you run up and hug me, I will cry. And then punch you for making me do so.