Apr 2014
Annemarie Weiner

I just have a lot of feelings, ok?

And there’s my Mean Girls reference for the week. I won’t lie, I think the movie is kind of overrated. Funny, but overrated. I look forward to your angry tweets.

But that quote did come to mind as I faced a bit of an emotional roller coaster yesterday. And really every day for the rest of the semester. You see, yesterday was yet another milestone in nearing the end of my college career: Honors Day. Even though my presentation was slotted for 2:30, I was a bundle of nerves from the 6:30 on. You see, as a graphic designer in a predominantly scientific/pre-med group of students, I was easily one of the oddest ducks out. But I managed to ramble my way through my presentation and even got to explain to a young impressionable freshman why Internet Explorer is terrible. Point: Annemarie.

I was so relieved once presentations were over that I was pretty care free for the rest of the day. Even though I didn’t make it to a single class I still met up with my night class, professors included, for drinks at the Old Mattress Factory afterward. Probably the definition of being a senior. The blissful high continued on today with an impromptu Pitch Perfect night (which I much prefer to Mean Girls, by the way), and now finally getting back to this blog (I’m sure you’ve all missed my dearly, so please accept my sincerest apologies).

And now, I face a daily balance between the joy of nearing the end of the year and the terror of facing the real world in only a few short weeks. On one hand I am more than ready to be done with classes and assignments, but on the other, that’s all I’ve ever known. What am I supposed to do with myself now? I definitely don’t consider myself an adult and the working world seems so… grown up.

So who else out there terrified? I’d really like to think I’m not alone.